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Submission of Proposals/Expression of Interest (EOI) for Implementing Agencies (lAs) under six components of Office of DC-MSME (O/o DCMSME), Ministry of MSME's (M/o MSME) CLCS- TUS scheme VIZ:Lean/ Zed/Design/Digital/Incubation and IPRDated on: 17/04/2020

Credit Linked Capital Subsidy - Technology Upgradation Scheme (CLCS-TUS) - EarstWhile [National Manufacturing Competitiveness Programme (NMCP)]

(except Credit Linked Capital Subsidy component)

S.No. Scheme Name Guidelines PMAC Minutes Of Meeting Sub-Committee Minutes Of Meeting
1 ZED Notification Operational Guidlelines ZED
Operational Guidlelines
1st PMAC 1st Sub Commitee
2 Support for Entrepreneurial and Managerial
Development of MSMEs through Incubators
Guidelines. 1st PMAC

2nd PMAC

3rd PMAC

4th PMAC
1st Sub-Committee

2nd Sub-Committee
3 Digital MSME Guidelines 1st PMAC
4 IPR Guidelines

List of IPFCs
1st PMAC

2nd PMAC

3rd PMAC

4th PMAC
1st Sub-Committee
5 Lean Manufacturing Operational Guidlelines 1st PMAC
6 Design Guidelines
Application Format for Design Projects
1st PMAC 1st Sub Committee

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