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Instructions The material for publication should be sent, in triplicate, neatly typed in double space. The reports on functions or events should be sent immediately lw{e] y?kq ,oa eè;e m|eksa dk tuZy after its conclusion. Articles/Reports should be y?kq m|ksx LAGHU UDYOG accompanied by photographs with captions pasted lekpkj SAMACHAR upon reverse. The photographs should be placed in between the thick paper, gem clipped and attached to the forwarding letter. Photographs should be A Monthly Journal for Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises focussed more on the events or products than fodkl vk;qDr (,e,l,ebZ) personalities. lw{e] y?kq ,oa eè;e m|e ea=kky; Hkkjr ljdkj dk izdk'ku Disclaimer A Publication of Development Commissioner (MSME) Ministry of Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises All efforts have been made to ensure that the Government of India information published is correct and reliable. However, the Laghu Udyog Samachar journal o"kZ 42&43 vad 11&4 Volume 42-43 Issue 11-4 ewY; % 25 #i;s Price : ` 25 holds no responsibility for any inadvertent error, twu&uoEcj] 2017 June-November, 2017 commission or omission. Opinions, photographs la;qDrkd@fo'ks"kkad Combined/Special Issue and views published in Laghu Udyog Samachar journal do not necessarily refect the views of vuqns'k Ministry of Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises or Government. izdk'ku ds fy, lkexzh Mcy Lisl esa LoPN Vkbi dh gqbZ rhu izfr;ksa esa gksuh pkfg,A lekjksg] ?kVuk vkfn ds lEiUu gksus ds i'pkr fjiksVZ rqjUr gh Hkst Harendra Pratap Singh Chief Editor nsuh pkfg,A vkys[k@fjiksVZ ds lkFk ;FkklaHko iQksVksxzkiQ Dr. Harish Yadav Hkh Hksts tkus pkfg,] ftuesa fp=k dks i=k ds lkFk Assistant Editor tSefDyi yxkdj Hkstuk pkfg,A iQksVksxzkiQ esa vf/d è;ku ?kVuk ;k mRikn fo'ks"k vkfn ij fn;k tkuk pkfg, Editorial Offce : Advertising & Publicity Division u fd O;fDr fo'ks"k ijA Offce of the Development Commissioner (MSME) lwpukvksa ds lgh vkSj fo'oluh; izdk'ku esa Nirman Bhavan, New Delhi-110108 ;Fkk laHko lko/kuh cjrh xbZ gSA fiQj Hkh fdlh Hkwy] Phone & Fax : 011-23062219 xyrh] =kqfV ;k foyksiu ds fy, y?kq m|ksx lekpkj Published by Development Commissioner (MSME), if=kdk dk dksbZ mÙkjnkf;Ro ugha gSA y?kq m|ksx lekpkj Ministry of Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises, tuZy esa izdkf'kr lekpkjksa] rLohjksa rFkk n`f"Vdks.kksa ls Government of India, Nirman Bhavan, lw{e] y?kq ,oa eè;e m|e ea=kky; rFkk ljdkj dh New Delhi-110108 lgefr gksuk vko';d ugha gSA
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