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Technology Cluster Manager

Role of the Consultant

The Consultant is expected to facilitate economic development cooperation of clusters and improve the capability and service offerings of TCs such that they transform to become models of manufacturing excellence for MSME

The assignment has following three main components:

  1. Create market linkages and enhance economic development to improve cluster competitiveness
  2. Technology development of the TCs
  3. Capacity building of the clusters and TCs

Objectives of the assignment

The key objectives of the assignment are:

  • Increase business opportunities for MSMEs through new market linkages.
  • Enhance competitiveness of the cluster business environment :
    • Increase access of MSMEs to a network of business development services (BDS) , R&D, Academia, which address their needs and are not covered in the domain of the TCs
    • Increase access of MSMEs to network of financial service providers
    • Increase competitiveness of supply chains of large firms by enhancing the quality, reliability and productivity of MSME suppliers
  • Increase the number of MSMEs utilizing the services of TCs resulting in increase in revenues of TCs by marketing and promotion of TCs
  • Develop a financially self-sustainable business model for cluster related services provided by Technology Centres before the end of the TCSP funding period
  • Identifying and defining the globally competitive technological capability required by TCs in the relevant sectors keeping in view the emerging trends in Industry 4.0.
  • Evaluate existing training programs and develop new training programs for roll out at the TCs
  • Conduct gap analysis of manufacturing process/procedures for existing TCs and develop manufacturing process/procedures for new TCs including finalization of State of Art Machineries.
  • Strengthen the capabilities of the TCs to provide technical advice to their key clients
  • Increase awareness amongst stakeholders on Environmental, Health and Safety (EHS) requirements, including those related to reducing health/pollution risks, increasing resource efficiency (towards improving business efficacy) and adhering to applicable regulations/rules.

The duration of the assignment is for 3 years in which the Consultant shall serve the 18 existing TCs and 15 new TCs.