There are about twenty-one major industry groups in the small scale sector.

These are listed below :

  1. Food Products

  2. Chemical & Chemical Products

  3. Basic Metal Industries

  4. Metal Products

  5. Electrical Machinery & Parts

  6. Rubber & Plastic Products

  7. Machinery & Parts Except Elecetrical goods

  8. Hosiery & Garments - Wood Products

  9. Non-metallic Mineral Products

  10. Paper Products & Printing

  11. Transport Equipments & Parts

  12. Leather & Leather Products

  13. Miscellaneous Manufacturing Industries

  14. Other Services & Products

  15. Beverages, Tobacco & Tobacco Products

  16. Repair Services

  17. Cotton Textiles

  18. Wool, Silk, Synthetic Fibre Textiles

  19. Jute, Hemp and Mesta Textiles

  20. Other Services

A survey of indices of industrial production (IIP) maintained for these major industry groups reveals what the sunrise industries are and on what segments the sun has set. SSI units produce an amazing variety and type of products. Over 7500 products are known to be manufactured in this sector. Even in a particular product, there would exist a wide range of qualities or specifications catering to different market segments, particularly in consumer/household products. Small Scale sector has emerged as a major supplier of mass consumption items like

  1. leather and leather goods

  2. plastic and rubber goods

  3. ready-made garments

  4. hosiery goods, sheet metal goods

  5. stationery items - soap and detergents

  6. domestic utensils

  7. toothpaste and toothpowder

  8. safety matches

  9. preserved foods and vegetables

  10. wooden and steel furniture

  11. paints and varnishes etc.,

Among the sophisticated items mention may also be made of

  1. Television sets

  2. calculators

  3. microwave components

  4. plastic film capacitors

  5. carbon film registers

  6. electromedical equipments

  7. electronic teaching aids

  8. digital measuring equipments

  9. air-conditioning equipments

  10. optical lenses

  11. drugs and pharmaceuticals

  12. electric motors

  13. pesticide formulators

  14. photographic sensitised paper

  15. razor blades

  16. collapsible tubes,etc.