1. Aims and Objectives of the Survey.

In order to assess the industrial potentialities of Chennai district, the Small Industries Service Institute, Chennai, at the instance of the Development Commissioner, Small Scale Industries, Ministry of Small Scale Industry, has undertaken the industrial potential survey of Chennai district. The main objectives of the survey are :

  1. To assess the resources available in the district the present utilisation of the resources scope for further exploitation.

  2. To assess the existing infrastructure facilities estimation of the additional requirements of industries likely to come up in future.

  3. To evaluate the existing industrial structure.

  4. Identification of small scale and tiny industries that can be started based on local resources available as well as demand based industries.

  5. To study the problems faced by the industrial sector, particularly the small scale and tiny sector.

  • Methodology.
  • Before undertaking the survey, an officer of the E.I. section of this Institute collected the vital statistics about the district. The field survey of the district commenced during the 2nd Week of October 2001 and collected all the relevant statistical data pertaining to the district from different sources like Central and State Government Departments, Financial Institutions, NGO Associations and other Institutional Agencies by direct contacts and also published material where-ever available. Taluk level data was also collected by the officer to assess the economic condition of each Taluk. The officer had also discussion with the eminent industrialists, visited industrial units and had discussions with them regarding present problems and future suggestions. The information gathered from the offices and organizations were analysed and processed before finalizing the report.