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Ministry of Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises


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Portal and ERP

Service Provider for Portal Development & ERP Implementation

TCSP will support an Online Portal for MSMEs and a common ERP for the TCs with the vision of “creating an interactive technology platform for the needs of TCs and MSMEs for collaboration and information dissemination”.

        The portal will act as a common platform for information dissemination, services and support across many aspects of business that will be required by an MSME from the start of their business, to successful operations and growth e.g. access to TCs services, MSME schemes, MSME-relevant tenders published by Government departments and PSUs, central MSME databank etc. Through this portal, users will also be able to access (virtually) most of the technical information and training services provided by the TCs.

        A robust Monitoring & Evaluation mechanism will also be an integral part of the platform to help track the outputs and outcomes of the programs being run at level of TCs and under the ambit of TCSP.

        Under the project, purchaser also intends to procure a fully integrated, robust & internationally recognized ERP solution for all the TCs encompassing functionalities such as Accounting and Finance, Purchase & Contract Management, Stores & Inventory Management, Learning / Training management, Production Planning & Manufacturing, and HR and recruitment.

        The ERP would assist TCs carry out the essential functions in a standardized and efficient way. This ERP solution is also envisaged to help TCs collaborate among them on various business/non-business activities and thereby add greater value to the MSME value chain. Becoming centres of excellence on this product is also one of the long term objectives for some of the TCs, enabling them add additional source of revenue via imparting industry-accepted professional training courses & certifications on the ERP package to the MSME sector. The objectives would be accomplished with implementation of a cloud-based ERP for the TCs.

        An ERP is expected to bring in synergy among all the critical functions of a TC, and hence achieve greater efficiency, profitability and cost reduction in the medium and long run. This value addition becomes obvious and also visible as soon as all these functions stop being discrete, mutually exclusive blocks and work together in an all-integrated fashion. Moreover, Ministry would also be able to effectively manage the contracts under TCSP.