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Construction Management

The construction work for various TCs shall be taken up under TCSP which shall be implemented over a period of six years. The estimated construction cost for above mentioned existing and proposed new TCs is INR 420 Crore.

There will be two types of entities involved in this construction management:

  1. Construction Management Consultant

  2. Construction Works Contractors

The Construction Management Consultant (CMC) shall be responsible for designing, supervision of work and final closure of construction works for each TCs:

  1. CMC will prepare concept plans and subproject appraisal reports, carry out contract planning and detailed engineering designs; prepare schedules of quantities and specifications.

  2. CMC will support the PMU in preparation of procurement packages, bid documents, invitation, receipt and evaluation of bids etc. CMC will supervise the construction; manage the contract; monitor construction activities.

  3. CMC will certify contractor’s progress claims, carry out quality control, testing; and prepare progress and monitoring reports, and certify bills.

TCE as Construction Management Consultant is on board.