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Feature competing against large enterprises. GST that is the O/o DC (MSME) have been directed to ultimately levied on supply will not be available open an exclusive GST cell in their institutions for input credit. This will lead to an increase in which will subsequently be manned by the the cost of the products for businesses that supply trained officials. The Tool Rooms on their directly to end users. own have conducted 5 workshops and have trained 242 participants. Efforts undertaken by Ministry of MSME to ensure faster GST compliance. 2) A Meeting was convened under the chairmanship of Hon’ble Minister (MSME) 1) A GST Cell has been carved out at NIMSME, on 14.10.2016 with various stakeholders to Hyderabad to exclusively train officials assess their preparedness for GST. Since then and entrepreneurs on the various nuances many MSME Associations have forwarded of GST. So far they have conducted 10 their concerns which have been taken up workshops and have trained over 600 with the Deptt of Revenue. officials/entrepreneurs. 3) An exclusive link i.e GST-MSME has Further more, an exclusive meeting was been provided in the website of the O/o held at NIMSME, wherein one officer of DC(MSME), wherein various relevant each MSME-DI was provided expertise to information regarding GST and its deal with various issues related to GST. Each implementation have been placed for the MSME-DI, tool room and TC was issued a benefit of MSME units. circular to send their officials in batches to NIMSME for hands on training on GST. So far 4) MSME-DIs also keep on holding Vendor no workshops have been held towards this Development Programmes, workshops on purpose because of delay in sanction of the lean manufacturing and IPR etc. They have requisite funds to NIMSME for this purpose. been instructed to take up GST related Nevertheless all these field organisations of issues in such programmes and workshops even if they are not primarily intended for that purpose. 5) A Digital MSME Scheme has been approved, which among other things will support the MSME-DIs to provide cloud based solution for the MSME units to become GST relevant. n Illustration by: Neeraj Bajpai April-May, 2017 5
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