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News Services offered by TIScs may include: for the TISC national network. As the national focal point, CIPAM shall identify potential host ● Access to online patent and non-patent institutions, assess their capacities and support (scientific and technical) resources and IP- them in joining the TISC project. CIPAM will related publications; also act as the main intermediary between WIPO ● Assistance in searching and retrieving and TISC host institutions and coordinate all the technology information; activities of the national TISC network. ● Training in database search; Over 500 TISCs operate worldwide and ● On-demand searches (novelty, state-of-the-art establishing TISC in India will give the host and infringement); institutions access to the Global network. In upcoming years CIPAM is planning to establish ● Monitoring technology and competitors; TISC’s in Universities, State Science Councils, ● Basic information on industrial property laws, R&D institutions etc. TISC will give an impetus management and strategy, and technology to Knowledge sharing, sharing of best practices commercialization and marketing. among the TISC’s, capacity building, generation and commercialization of IPs. n The Cell for IPR Promotion and Management (CIPAM) is designated as the National Focal point Features of SCs/STs Hub Scheme inistry of Micro, Small and Medium under National SC/ST Hub namely (i) Single Enterprises (MSME) is implementing a Point Registration Scheme (ii) Special Marketing Mscheme of National Schedule Caste and Assistance Scheme (SMAS) (iii) Performance & Schedule Tribes (SC/ST) Hub. The National SC-ST Credit Rating Scheme and (iv) Special Credit Linked Hub was formally launched by the Prime Minister Capital Subsidy Scheme. on 18.10.2016 at Ludhiana, Punjab. The Hub is set up to provide professional support to SC/ST The Hub has conducted 37 Special Vendor entrepreneurs to fulfill the obligations under the Development Programmes(VDPs) in which 1447 Central Government Public Procurement Policy SC/ST MSMEs participated. Under Special Marketing for Micro and Small Enterprises Order 2012, adopt Scheme, Hub has facilitated the participation of applicable business practices and leverage the 416 SC/ST MSMEs in 42 domestic exhibitions, 32 Stand Up India initiatives. The functions of Hub MSMEs in 8 international exhibitions and arranged include collection, collation and dissemination the visit of 40 MSMEs in 4 International Exhibitions. of information regarding SC/ST enterprises and Training programme for capacity building of SC/ST entrepreneurs, capacity building among existing entrepreneurs are also being conducted through and prospective SC/ST entrepreneurs through skill select premium academic institutions. training and EDPs, vendor development involving The total estimated budget for the SC/ST Hub CPSEs, NSIC, MSME-DIs and industry associations Scheme is Rs.490.00 crore for the period 2016-17 including Dalit Indian Chamber of Commerce & to 2019-20. Rs.4.532 crore was the expenditure Industry (DICCI), promoting participation of SC/ST in 2016-17 under SC/ST Hub Scheme. entrepreneurs in exhibitions and organizing special exhibitions for this purpose, facilitating SC/ST This Ministry is implementing a number entrepreneurs participating in public procurement of schemes for micro, small and medium and monitoring the progress, etc. Four special enterprises(MSMEs) across India including subsidy schemes/programmes have been approved Chhattisgarh like National Manufacturing April-May, 2017 47
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