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Report lean clusters have been formed by QCI throughout the country in which 05 Lean clusters are in the state of Madhya Pradesh. So far 30 numbers of awareness programmes has been conducted by the QCI in different districts of M.P. He concluded his presentation by giving an introduction to the Quality Council of India’s structure and functions of different bodies in the QCI. The representatives from NPC and QCI also discussed the role of NPC and QCI in implementation of “Lean Manufacturing Concept” under upscaled (2013) Lean Manufacturing Competitiveness Programme. Ms. Pooja Makhija, Fashion Futures, Pune Shri Mukesh Choudhary, Purchase Head, started her presentation with a video showing the Case New Holland (CNH), Pithampur started his car racing in present time where SMED is applied deliberation with the profile of the Case New and time is reduced to incredible 2-3 seconds. The Holland Construction equipment company. He SMED concept of Lean manufacturing changed mentioned that the company has different plant the world with quick change over time. She locations pan India. He focused on the supply chain demonstrated how the simple concepts of lean challenges and expectations from the supply chain manufacturing brings about a dramatic change in by the OEMs. He apprised the participants about terms of radical reduction in the rejection rates of the scenario of automotive industries and informed the apparels manufactured. that automotive industry is one of the fastest growing She explained that with the concept of single industries in the world, its CAGR has been around flow line, productivity has improved, rejection is 14% in the last decade, hence it presents the MSME reduced to a minimum and the company managed suppliers with a big opportunity to make their to deliver the products on time. She also focused company grow parallely with the growth of these on the concept of visual controls, value stream OEMs. He impressed upon the fact that MSMEs mapping, application of 5 ‘S’ and other tools and in India are still working in unsafe environment, techniques of lean manufacturing that can be lack of quality focus and are facing problems of applied easily in the MSMEs to improve their focus shortage of talented technical and managerial staff. on quality, cost and delivery. Inventory control He said CNH is facing challenges in getting the has changed the way of handling raw material required supply from MSMEs, because of inability drastically in apparel industry. She informed of of the MSMEs in supplying products at competitive her witnessing the astonishing fact that apparel cost, lack of risk management, visibility and industries were keeping stock of balance raw transparency in their manufacturing processes. He materials even upto 5 years which were later found stressed upon increasing the flexibility of MSMEs in to be only waste thereby incurring appreciable their production processes and global outlook and loss. This unaccounted loss was mitigated through export competencies in the field of logistics and lean manufacturing. packaging. He advised that LMC scheme could be effectively utilise to develop vendors which Shri M.L. Suriya, Director, Here Quality will ensure sustainable development of MSMEs. Consulting presented the very basic concept of Lean manufacturing is the right solution for MSMEs lean explaining what is Lean, why lean and how towards capacity building. implementation of lean manufacturing concepts April-May, 2017 23
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