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Report 2. Technical Session For the technical session of national workshop on Lean manufacturing, MSME-DI, Indore had invited an expert panel on the subject matter covering all relevant topics. The details of technical sessions are as follows: In the pre-lunch technical session Shri Shirish Paliwal, Director, NPC, Ahmedabad gave a power point presentation on Lean manufacturing and its concept. He took the example of common household kitchen and explained the participants how lean manufacturing concept is being practised certification. He called upon all the MSMEs by housewives beautifully in our homes. He also unit Heads whose units are under the Lean explained the 5’S’concept, its application and Manufacturing scheme of DC (MSME), to go for usefulness in our daily lives and in industries. In his ZED certification and also explained the financial presentation, he focused on the lean manufacturing support that is being extended to MSMEs under tools and techniques being used in the industries. the ZED certification scheme of DC (MSME) for acquiring ZED certification. He also explained the The status and scenario of Lean Manufacturing importance of leveraging the ZED certification in Competitiveness Scheme being implemented respect of marketing and supply of their products by NPC throughout the country as well as in to OEMs and MNCs established in India or willing Madhya Pradesh were presented. He pointed to produce their goods under the Make in India out that, this scheme has now gained popularity Campaign of Government of India. MSMEs who and momentum and 15 completed Lean clusters acquire ZED mark will be able to distinguish have been formed by NPC national wide and themselves in the market from the masses as a currently three in Madhya Pradesh are in progress. “company with a difference” and hence would be Lean manufacturing awareness programmes have able to join the supply chain for the highest product motivated many more units coming forward to quality at competitive cost. Thus ZED certification adopt the scheme and informing Lean clusters would definitely help the manufacturing sector to under the scheme throughout the country. achieve the dream of “Make in India” Campaign. Shri Anurag Rastogi, Deputy Director and He informed that ZED certification for service Shri Nikhil Relia, Assistant Director from QCI, industry is also a possibility and it will be unveiled New Delhi in their presentation explained how soon as soon as the policy framework is completed. global manufacturing sector is undergoing massive Shri Srivastava explained how the MSMEs of structural transformation. They mentioned the India are facing challenges to compete globally nature of problems being faced by MSMEs like in the post liberalization era. He focused on the Sub-optimal scale of operation, technological fourth industrial revolution and how the digital obsolescence, supply chain inefficiencies and and technological revolution transforming the limited capital and knowledge. manufacturing workplaces all over the world. Shri Rastogi illustrated the implementation Shri Anurag Rastogi, Deputy Director, QCI, arrangement (three tier arrangement) of the Lean New Delhi proposed vote of thanks to conclude manufacturing competitiveness scheme of the inaugural session. Office of DC (MSME). He informed that a total of 202 22 Laghu Udyog Samachar
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