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Scheme 1. About 90 one day state level programmes i. With Subsidy – Max. subsidy of Rs. 1 lakh will be organised by field institutes of O/o per unit will be disbursed over a period of 2 DC-MSME mainly MSME-DIs organised in years to Micro and Small Enterprises. association with a National/State level or prominent Industry association. ii. Without Subsidy - Services through Cloud at ultra low cost will be offered to the desirous 2. In the awareness Programme Implementing Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises. Agency (IA) as a Key Technical Experts along with Cloud computing service providers iii. Market Cost – Services through cloud at should be essentially involved. Market Cost will be offered to the desirous Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises. 3. Apart from technical deliberations, there should be live demonstration of ICT through 2. Subsidy will be on cost of usage services Cloud Computing services. which will be shared by the GoI and MSE. The infrastructure (Hardware, Internet etc.) 4. Funds will be provided @Rs.0.70 lakhs for accessing the cloud computing will be per programme. In addition, max. Rs. 0.55 the responsibility of concerned MSME unit. lakh kept for TA/DA/Lodging expenses for official of IA/TCIL subject to actuals for one 3. The rate of subsidy will be as follow: day as per entitlement to be re-imbursed by Rate of Subsidy Amount of respective DI.Participation of minimum 75 subsidy per MSEs should be ensured per programme. MSE (Rs. In Lakhs) nd st (B) Work Shop : The objective of the Work Eligibility 1 year 2 year Shop is to have interaction amongst various stake 1 All Micro 60% 60% 1.00 & Small holders i.e IA, CCSPs, Industry Associations and Enterprises in the category of other relevant participants under the overall OTNER directions of O/o DC(MSME). The Work Shop 2 All MSEs in 60% + additional 60% + additional 1.00 will be organised by IA with the involvement of the category 10 % of rate of 10 % of rate of OTNER category OTNER category of NER,SC/ MSME-DI, industry chambers/associations etc., if ST,W omen, Divyang required. Funds will be provided to IA @ Rs.5.00 lakh per Work Shop per day. Participation of Subsidy for 3 year may be considered at rd Minimum 50 MSMEs should be ensured per later stage Work Shop. 4. The MSMEs will apply to the Service 3.2 cloud computing: Provider/ IA and lodge their request on official website/ National Portal for availing 1. To encourage MSMEs to use Cloud the benefit of subsidy. Computing for ICT applications, it is proposed to provide subsidy for user charges 5. Subsidy disbursed will be through DBT route. for a period of 2 years. The benefits accrued MSMEs initially will make full payment through implementing ICT for subsidy period to service provider. O/o DC (MSME) will in their enterprises will motivate MSMEs to disburse funds to TCIL who in turn will continue to use the ICT application with transfer it in the account of MSMEs. their own expenses after this period. 6. Though the First Come First Serve will be Cloud Computing services will be provided important criteria for selection of MSMEs in three categories: under the scheme but factors like financial April-May, 2017 13
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