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Profile FINANcIAL SUPPORT TO INDUSTRIES BANKS : Punjab is well served by the banks. Details of Banking Network is as follows : S. No. Type of Bank Rural Branches Semi Urban Urban Total 1. Public Sector Banks 1650 1344 1283 4277 2. Private Sector Banks 519 362 248 1129 3. Regional Rural Banks 305 49 19 373 4. Cooperative banks 602 129 101 823 Total 3076 1875 1651 6602 SMALL INDUSTRIES DEVELOPMENT BANK up new industrial units under various schemes OF INDIA and for expansion/diversification, renovation, modernisation and rehabilitation of existing units. SIDBI is an apex institution established for The Corporation also grants foreign exchange loans promotion, financing and development of MSE under IDA line of credit to entrepreneurs for setting up industries. All projects in the Small-Scale sector units for new industrial products, and for designing, are normally eligible for assistance in the form of expansion, diversification and modernisation. refinance through primary lending institutions. Financial assistance provided by Punjab Financial Corporation under various schemes. NATIONAL SMALL INDUSTRIES cORPORATION (NSIc) PUNJAB STATE INDUSTRIAL DEVELOPMENT cORPORATION, cHANDIGARH The NSIC supplies machinery and equipment on hire purchase and lease basis to the small The PSIDC was set up in 1966 to promote entrepreneurs. NSIC also provide finance for medium and large-scale industries in the State. The purchase of raw materials under the Government corporation acts as an institutional entrepreneur Purchase Programme. NSIC Ltd has introduced for developing new industries in these sectors. The a Single Point Registration Scheme under which corporation provides financial assistance to the micro &small scale units are provided with different projects promoted by private entrepreneurs in the marketing assistance like supply of tenders free of State in the form of direct participation and under- cost, exemption from payment of earnest money, writing of equity and preference share capital. The waiver of security deposit and issue of competency corporation also bridges the gaps in term lending in certificate. The corporation has opened a Prototype participation with other financial institutions. Some Development and Training Centre at Rajpura important projects promoted by the Corporation (Punjab). Besides development of Prototypes the are: manufacturing of tractors, dry cell batteries, Centre is providing training facilities in the trade of television sets, leather & footwear, steel billets, electronics, plastics and computer. oxygen gas, food processing etc. Various schemes of Ministry of MSME and O/o PUNJAB FINANcIAL cORPORATION DC(MSME) are being implemented successfully Punjab Financial Corporation, a premier across the State in MSME Sector. Finally lending Institution was set up in the year 1953 under MSMEs of Punjab are moving forward and there the State Financial Corporation’s Act 1951 to boost is a continuous growth in export from last three industrial growth in the State. It provides medium years. n and long-term loans to the entrepreneurs for setting – Source : MSME-DI, Ludhiana. August, 2016 29
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