Page 21 - MSME August 2016
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Focus on Punjab Profile Industrial Profle of Punjab he Punjab State, known as the land of administrative control of a Deputy Commissioner. five rivers, is blessed with rich, fertile and The districts are subdivided into 82 Tehsils, which Tproductive agricultural land. Historically, are under the administrative control of a Tehsildar. an agriculture based economy, it is the There are 86 sub Tehsils. The state has 146 Blocks, entrepreneurial spirit of the people that transformed 143 Towns and 74 Cities. The blocks consist of Punjab into a state with a strong industry base, revenue villages and the total number of villages comprising of auto components, food processing, in the state is 12,581. Apart from these there are 22 bicycle manufacturing, chemical products, Zila Parishads, 159 Municipal Committees and 23 pharmaceuticals, textiles, paper products, sewing Improvement Trusts looking after 143 towns and machine and light engineering goods. Today, 74 cities of Punjab. Punjab is one of the most progressive states in the country, with a strong tradition of entrepreneurship The major industries in Punjab are: and business.  Hosiery and Readymade Garments: Ludhiana Punjab has 22 districts, each under the city in Punjab is famous world over for hosiery August, 2016 19
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