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Special Article 1. Catheter reprocessing system Innovator: Innovator: Mr. Manish Kumar Sharma, Indian Mr. Vikram Goel, Incredible Devices Brief: Institute of Technology Kharagpur Brief: This an innovative computer aided catheter innovation provides a solution to fog which as reprocessing machine which is fully automatic we know causes degradation of scene quality providing quality assurance and eliminates and interpretation of objects become difficult. human error. It Saves Rs 526/- per Catheter Using this technology, the user can interpret and reduce treatment cost up to 55%. the scene more clearly and identify objects of interest in the scene in real-time. 2. LED tube light with lamp-integrated detachable driver Innovator: Mr. Krishna 6. TycheeJuno’s BPPC technology (Burst Ravi, Reckon Green Innovations Pvt Ltd Brief: Preventive Puncture Curative) Innovator: The technology is a detachable driver that Mr. Sameer Panda, TycheeJuno Brief: The improves life of the tube light to match with invention is a multi-chambered tubeless tyre LEDs by 3 times with self-serviceability. Easy with a mix of sealant, coolant and balancer to to retrofit without rewiring and also customize take care of puncture in tread and side wall; or upgrade as per site requirement without decrease the possibility of burst caused due to wasting the lamp. localized overheating. It also increases safety on road due to burst prevention. 3. Chakr Innovator: Mr. Arpit Dhupar, Chakr Innovations Brief: Chakr Innovations has 7. Microwave sintering of ceramics Innovator: developed a device that can be coupled to the Mr. Gaurang Doongursee, Double Dee exhaust of diesel engines and thus captures Technology Pvt ltd Brief: This technology the soot coming out of it; repurpose it to be involves a volumetric heating which is used as black ink. Instead of burning off the instantaneous, rapid and highly efficient. particulate matter that is being emitted from 8. CliniOps: Tablet based eSource/EDC for I.C. engines, they are collecting it and reusing clinical trials Innovator: Mr. Avik Kumar Pal, it to be made a raw material for ink industry CliniOps, Inc. Brief: CliniOps’s leverages thus creating a selfsustainable and scalable Social, Mobile, Analytics & Cloud (SMAC) business model. which drastically transforms the way CTs are conducted reducing the time &cost 4. Novel cell culture technology using torocell disposable bioreactor system Innovator: Mr. of collecting data while simultaneously improving its quality. Arunkumar Gandlur, Lablinks Biotech Pvt.Ltd. Brief: The innovation is the development of 9. Easy position/ Easy fix medical stirrups an externally agitated cell culture technology Innovator: Dr. Gnanaraj Jesudian, SEESHA /KU which uses disposable plastic bags or specially and STAAN Biomedical Engineering Private designed glass/stainless steel vessels which Ltd Brief: Easy Position /Easy Fix stirrups offer aims to simplify the culturing of a variety of almost unlimited position options through cells viz, bacterial, fungal, insect or animal which the surgeon can manipulate the cells either in suspension or on anchorage position during surgery. It is a simple device matrices. The innovation drastically cuts that can replace the standard stirrups in any capital and production costs and improves the type of operating table. cell yield multiple fold. 10. FlexiOH™: A breathable, washable and light- 5. Real-time fog removal from videos in weight cast immobilization technology for application to safety and surveillance fractured bones Innovator: Dr. Pankaj Kumar August, 2016 9
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