MSME-Technology Development Centre (formerly-FFDC) KANNAUJ U.P.


A Fragrance & Flavour Development Center (FFDC) has been set up in the year 1991 by Govt. of India with the assistance of UNDP/UNIDO and Govt. of U.P. UNDP/UNIDO is Providing technical expertise and imported equipments. Govt. of U.P. is providing land, building and infrastructure, while Govt. of India is contributing for the recurring, non-recurring and indigenous equipments.

Aims & Objectives:

FFDC aims to serve as an interface between essential oil, fragrance and flavour industry and the R & D institutions both in the field of Agro-technology and chemical technology. Main objective of the center is to serve, sustain and upgrade the status of farmers and industry engaged in the aromatic cultivation and its processing, so as to make them competitive both in local and global market by:

  1. Assisting in adoption of agronomical practices to introduce aroma bearing plants of higher yields.
  2. Providing guidance on Post-harvest technology, storage, packaging, sampling and marketing.
  3. Providing testing and quality control services for the raw materials and products.
  4. Providing an application development laboratory complete with facilities for creation of fragrance and flavour.
  5. Establishing information and documentation services to cater to the industry needs and to bring latest developments to their notice.

Divisions of the Center: -

  • Agro-technology Extension Services.
  • Pilot Plant.
  • Quality Assessment and Standardization.
  • Fragrance/Flavour.
  • Information, Documentation, Packaging & Marketing.


The centre has developed an aromatic farm for improved agronomical practices and a herbarium at project site to study & introduce improved aroma bearing plants.

Traditional-hydro-distillation, Steam distillation, Solvent Extraction, Reactiod Fractionation facilities have been installed for processing.

Quality Assessment standardization Division is equipped with sophisticated instruments like Gas-Chromatograph with data station (Hewlett-Packard), FT-IR Spectrophotometer (Perkin-Elmer) UV-Visible Spectrophotometer (Shimadzu) Polarimeter (Perkin-Elmer) as also modern facilities to carry out chemical analysis.

A sophisticated well designed fragrance and flavour division have been set up to create formulations based on natural and synthetic raw materials. This division is also equipped with sensory evaluation and application development facilities.

Information and Documentation division for collection analysis and dissemination of information pertaining to essential oil, fragrance and flavours. The division is equipped with audio-visual aids and Computer. Human Resources:-

The centre prefers to think globally and act locally. With this approach a truly professional team of Scientists is being developed with best possible training within and outside the country. UNDP/UNIDO is assisting the centre in developing its human resources. UNIDO is also fielding time to time national and international experts to guide the staff and industry in updating their capabilities.

Services Offered:-

  • Quality Assurance & Analytical Services.
  • Production/Processing Facilities on Jobwork/Loan Basis.
  • Training in various disciplines of essential oil and perfumery industry.
  • Field Surveys and Feasibility Studies.
  • Supply of planting materials/seeds.
  • Consultancy Services.
  • Sale of Essential Oils and its Fractions.
  • Creation and sale of Fragrance & Flavours for various end uses.
  • Application of Fragrances in end-products.

Contact Person

Shri Gorakh Prasad
(Principal Director I/c)
MSME-Technology Development Centre
Indostrial Estate, G.T.Road P.O. Makarand Nagar, Kannauj-209 726 (U.P.)
Telephone No.: 05694 - 234465,234791
Fax No.: 05694 - 235242