SENET is Small Enterprise Information & Resources Network

"SENET is now a part of the International SME Network (INSME)
headquartered in Italy."

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  • SENET began as an Intranet project launched
    by the Office of DC(SSI)

  • SENET was launched in April 1997

SENET Recognises

  • That databases for small enterprises are too few, too less

  • That Government continues to be among the largest producers and providers of information

  • That a major chunk of the information services is provided in a manual/unorganised environment

  • That information servers are operating in stand-alone environment

  • That information dissemination facility is not well developed

SENET Appreciates

  • That computer databases are the most efficient and equitable manner of providing information

  • That computer databases have unmatched strengths in:-

  • Easy access and universal understanding

  • Availability at single source and very low costs of access

  • That information is often a crucial input in ensuring competitiveness

  • That information services are a key bottleneck for small enterprises

  • That the database industry in India requires both promotion and investment

  • That lack of software applications and databases need to be addressed in the interest of small enterprises

  • That we must pioneer, create and promote databases and information service products for small enterprise sector

SENET Objective

To create

  • An Electronic Network for Small & Medium Enterprises, Central/State Governments, other Central/State agencies engaged directly or indirectly in the promotion and development of the SSI sector, national/state level industry associations, NGOs and entrepreneurs.

  • To promote network alliance amongst information providers and seekers concerning the development of the small scale sector

SENET Clients

SENET identifies as its clientele:

  • Potential & existing Entrepreneurs

  • Small Enterprise Promotion Agencies

  • Associations

  • Researchers

  • Policy makers

  • Students

SENET Architecture

The network comprises of 31 electronic 'nodes'. The main node is located at the headquarters of DC(SSI). There are 5 Technology Nodal Centres (TNCs) and 25 User Centres (UCs). Names and addresses of the centres can be searched by Clicking here.

Functions of Main Node

  • Overall control and implementation of forging linkages and alliances

  • Network operations and Control of Processing and storage of databases

  • Assigning and commissioning projects

  • Training and HRD

  • Publications and document supply services

Functions of TNCs

  • Specialisation in technology databanks

  • Regional information documentation centre

  • Query and supply services

  • Publications Dissemination

Functions of User Nodes

  • Query and supply services

  • Publications Dissemination

SENET InfoDesk


  • Yellow Pages

  • Project Profiles

  • Clusters

  • Publications

  • Directory


  • Bibliography

  • Policies and Schemes

  • Rules and Procedures

  • Periodicals

  • Circulars and Notifications

  • Trade Reports

  • Full text documents

Subcontracting Exchanges

  • Technology, trade and investment

SENET Status

As part of the project, computer facilities with e-mail connectivity was provided at the main nodal centre at the Office of the DC(SSI), 5 Technology Nodal Centres (SISI, Calcutta, Mumbai, Chennai, Bangalore and Ahmedabad) and 25 user centres at SISI, New Delhi, Guwahati, Patna, Panjim, Solan, Jammu, Trichur, Indore, Cuttack, Ludhiana, Jaipur, Kanpur, Hyderabad, Karnal, Gangtok, Agartala, Agra, Allahabad, Muzaffarpur, Haldiwani, Ranchi, Hubli, Imphal, Nagpur, Raipur.

The project was substantially revised in March, 2000 and is commonly referred to as the revised SENET project.

The focus of the project is now three-fold (a) Office Automation, (b) SENET Application and (c) Server Hosting.




Complaints & Grievances

Court Cases



Financial Accounting


Personnel Management

Progress Monitoring




Document Management

Yellow Pages

Project Profiles

Cluster Studies


Codification Schemes



Visitor's Database

RISC Server

Mail Server

Web Server


Database Server

Leased Connectivity

ISDN Migration

The SENET applications are hosted through this portal. The portal is designed as a single stop source to inform and educate users in respect of the SSI sector. It identifies as its clientele potential and existing entrepreneurs, associations, researchers and students. The portal offers a number of hyper links to other useful sites on SSIs / SMEs. It is also the interface to the web based SENET applications as well as tracking of ISO 9000 reimbursement applications and submission of online indents for training courses.

The Office Automation applications provide for better services to MSME-DO staff all over the country. It is anticipated that this portal will fulfil the long-standing requirements of this sector for reliable and authentic information in respect of Government policies and programmes.

M/s. CMC Limited are the principal consultants to the revised SENET project. SENET has gone online in February 2002. Facility Management has since been initiated.

Awards and Distinctions

INSME (International Network of Small & Medium Enterprises) recognized MSME-DO as one of the best practices intermediary in delivery of services to SSI sector.

CTN (Canadian Technology Network) signed a MOU with MSME-DO for exchange of information.

SENET was judged “Project of the Year” during 2002 by CMC Limited, then a Govt. of India Undertaking.

MSME-DO was ranked 3rd in the implementation of e-Governance amongst large Govt. of India Ministries in the Report published during 2002-03.

SENET has been awarded the Golden Icon award as the "Best Documented Knowledge Resource Case Study" in the professional category for year 2004. The Department of Administrative Reforms and Public Grievances issues these awards for the Exemplary Implementation of eGovernance Initiatives at the National Egovernence Conference every year.

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