Industrial Estate Programme in India is perhaps the biggest undertaken by any developing country. The programme started in 1952 when the first such estate was established at Hadapsar in Maharashtra.

    The main objective of the programme is to encourage and support the creation, expansion and modernisation of SSI through provision of factory accommodation, common service facilities and assistance and servicing throughout, all stages of establishment and operation and developing sub-contracting relationships within the small scale and large scale industries and specialised manufacturing activities.

    Subsequently, the programme has also assumed the role of regional development through provision of built-in factory accommodation with the requisite facilities and services in semi-urban, rural and backward areas.

    Apart from the Industrial Estate programmes of the State Government, the Government of India launched its Industrial Growth Centre Scheme and the Export Promotion Industrial Park Scheme which promoted setting up of industrial estates. The Industrial Growth centre has since been discontinued. The Integrated Infrastructre Development Scheme has been launched to set up industrial estates exclusively for SSIs. It will now also include cases of upgradation of existing estates.