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Lean Manufacturing Competitiveness Scheme under NMCP

Background :-

The Scheme is basically a business initiative to reduce “waste” in manufacturing.


The objective of the Scheme is to enhance the manufacturing competitiveness of MSMEs through application of various Lean Manufacturing Techniques (e.g. Total Productive Maintenance (TPM), 5S, Visual control, Standard Operation Procedures, Just in Time, Kanban System, Cellular Layout, Poka Yoke, TPM, etc.).National Productivity Council and Quality Council of India have been selected as National Monitoring and Implementing Units (NMIUs) for the up-scaled scheme.


Awareness programmes and workshops are being organized in order to create awareness among the entrepreneurs and further they are motivated to form mini cluster comprising of 6 to 10 units (ideally 10 units) for availing the scheme. LM consultants are deployed in the Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV)/Distinct Product Group (DPG) for LM Interventions for a period of 18 months. 80% of the cost of hiring the lean manufacturing consultant (LMC) is reimbursed through NMIUs to SPVs/Units and 20% of the cost is borne by the SPVs/units.


Year No. of MSE Beneficiaries Total Expenditure(Rs. Crore)
2007-08 to 2011-12 900 12.49
2012-13 18 2.75
2013-14 140 4.11
2014-15 1328 14.64
2015-16 1116 11.46
2016-17 913 13.48
Total 4415 58.93

For Detail Contact : Sh. Mohamad Ali Rahman (Deputy Director) , Email Id : marahman@dcmsme.gov.in , Tel:23062221