1. With effect from 1.4.2007 applications received for reimbursement under the Scheme for Quality Management 9001 and Environment Management 14001 respectively will have to be with the EM Number  in place of Permanent Registration Number – which can be obtained from DIC  as per the MSMED Act, 2006.  Applications received on or after 1.4.2007 without EM Number will be rejected and  returned to the applicants.

2. With effect from 1.4.2007 the applicants are required to submit applications only with the Director of MSME-DI formerly known as SISI in the area where the units are located.  The reimbursement will be processed by the Director of MSME-DI formerly known as SISI as per the latest step of de-centralization.  Applications will not be received in the office of DC(MSME) formerly known as DC(SSI) with effect from 1.4.2007.

3. The application received upto 31.3.2007 however be processed by the office of DC(MSME) formerly known as DC(SSI) and reimbursement made from the office of the DC(MSME) formerly known as DC(SSI).

4. Applicants are required to enclose the Invoice for payments made by them to the certifying bodies, consultants and other expenses also with other annexures.  Those applicants who have not so far submitted and whose cases are pending with the office of DC(MSME) formerly known as DC(SSI) for reimbursement are requested to do this if they have not done earlier and without waiting for individual communication.  This will speed up the finalization of their cases.

5. Expenditure for the training will also be reimbursable only if they are by the consultants who are acceptable to this office for consultancy as listed below:

i.  Consultants or consulting bodies registered with NRBPT
ii. TQM Division of Textiles Committee
iii. National Productivity Council (NPC)
iv. Consultancy Development Centre (CDC)
v. Small Industries Institute

   Extension with inclusion of HACCP Certification ISO:9001/14001 reimbursement scheme has been enlarged to include HACCP Certification, also subject to maximum reimbursement limit of Rs 75,000/- ( detailed to be notify shortly ).