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News Marketing Development Assistance, International 4,68,399 March, 2014 Cooperation Scheme and Prime Minister’s 5,37,269 March, 2015 Employment Generation Programme, etc. The budgetary allocations and utilization in respect of 4,86,291 March, 2016 the Ministry of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises The Government has organised 78 nos. of (MSME) for implementation of various schemes / Awareness campaign on Intellectual Property programmes for promotion and development of Rights (IPR) during the year 2016-17 under IPR MSMEs for last three years is as under: scheme. (Rupees in crore) The Ministry of MSME has implemented Utilization Allocation Years “Enabling Manufacturing Sector to be Competitive (BE) through Quality Management Standards (QMS) 2389.90 3327.00 2014-15 and Quality Technology Tools (QTT)” to improve 2440.56 2612.51 2015-16 the Quality of the products in the MSME sector and 2015.33 3000.00 2016-17 inculcate the quality consciousness in enterprises (upto Dec, 2016) in this sector. The QMS/QTT scheme has since been subsumed / merged with Zero Defect Zero As per the data compiled by the Reserve Bank of Effect (ZED) Certification Scheme w.e.f. 18th India (RBI) from the Scheduled Commercial Banks, October, 2016. Under the scheme 27,755 MSEs the position regarding number of sick Micro, Small were assisted with an expenditure of Rs. 10.35 and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) in the country crore till date. at the end of March, 2013, March, 2014, March, 2015 and March, 2016 is as under: This Press Release is based on information given by the Minister of State for MSME Shri Number of sick At the end of Haribhai Parathibhai Chaudhary in a written reply MSMEs to a question in Lok Sabha on 10.04.2017. n 2,22,204 March, 2013 Directives under Rule 126 of Explosives Rules 2008 A an urgent need of tightening of enforcement of recent accident during display of fireworks at Paravoor, Kerala has brought out several the Explosives Rules 2008 by District Authorities. discrepancies such as lack of effective enforcement of the Explosive Rules 2008 on For the same, following directives are issued under Rule 126 of the Explosives Rules 2008 to be the part of the district administration, use of implemented by District Authorities for safe public unauthorized fireworks, viz. Amittus, Kuzhiminnal, display of fireworks:- Palm leaf crackers, multishots, gundus etc., use of unauthorized chemicals i.e. potassium chlorate (i) District Magistrate’s office will be the single in fireworks, unauthorized storage of fireworks window for granting licenses in Form LE-6 of at public display site and non-adherence of the Explosives Rules, 2008 for public display prescribed safety distances between display site of fireworks. Application for license for and spectators, etc. public display of fireworks shall be submitted To prevent such incidents in future, there is to the District Magistrate’s office two months April-May, 2017 43
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