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Scheme processes, improvement in delivery time, adoption among MSMEs. For sensitizing MSMEs reduction in inventory cost, improvement and to motivate them to go for Cloud based ICT in productivity and quality of production implementation, awareness programmes and wide through cloud computing by reducing the publicity through Print, Electronic and Radio have burden of investment on Hardware/Software been incorporated in the scheme. and Infrastructural activities using Cloud Platform. 2.04 In the present-day world, relevance of “ICT for Smart” for all industry is a key means to The likely outcomes of the scheme will be : enhanced productivity. Seamless flows of data and information could generate more economic value i. To promote an echo system of cost effective than the global goods trade, bridging technology and all inclusive ICT applications for MSMEs gaps by prioritizing and incentivising adoption through Cloud Computing of Internet of Things (Industry 4.0) and need a ii. To establish Inter and Intra Networks mission to enable industry to adopt the Industry amongst Technology Centers and Institutions 4.0 technology for improving productivity may of Office of DC, MSME be considered. With this background, NPC has proposed to establish Centre of Excellence on IT iii. To enable MSMEs to search for value chain for Industry 4.0 and Lean Manufacturing (COE-IT (raw material, experts) online for I4.0 & LM). The Digital MSME initiative shall develop suitable linkages with COE-IT. iv. Adoption of best practices to improve quality of products and services 2.05 Under this scheme, large number of MSMEs would be benefited in terms of v. Reducing delivery cycle time standardization of their business processes, improvement in delivery time, reduction vi. IT as a medium of communication to revamp in inventory carrying cost, improvement in access to the markets, enhanced access productivity and quality of production, controlling empowers the market to undertake direct, of cost & time, improved customer satisfaction etc. faster and better transactions. through cloud computing. vii. Evolving internal efficiencies by way 3.0 The components of Scheme: of intense ICT intake and automating procedure for cost reduction and capacity The following activities are proposed to be enhancement for information access, undertaken under the scheme: processing, collaboration and dissemination. 3.1 Awareness Programme and Workshop: 2.03 For CLOUD based ICT applications through utility usage model, only the subscription (A) Awareness Programme: The objective of and usage fee would be applicable. In other words, these programmes is to create awareness amongst the rental charges (monthly, quarterly, yearly) MSMEs about the benefits of implementing ICT in may include all cost components viz. hardware, their enterprises, details of the scheme, explain connectivity, software, maintenance, etc. them about how to avail the benefits of scheme, procedural methodology for participating in the The modified scheme will sensitize and scheme. The ICT needs of MSME will also be encourage MSMEs towards this new approach assessed during the programme and accordingly i.e. CLOUD COMPUTING for ICT adoption. they will be advised in selecting Cloud Computing The modified scheme has been evolved as an services suitable to them. The deliverable, funding alternative and more effective arrangement for ICT and implementation details are given as under: 12 Laghu Udyog Samachar
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