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Feature 8. Grease guns In order to enter Indian market, any 9. Metal working hand tools organization should have thorough knowledge about market trends and applications in different 10. Hand tools for specified uses such as watch sectors and for tapping these sectors, one need to making tools, goldsmith’s tools have the right distributor network in place, right 11. Blow lamps people to understand product with particular applications. 12. Garage tools in sets. The primary advantages of hand held tools Skilled labour is a critical factor in the hand are: tool industry because the technology employed is labour intensive. Availability of highly skilled  Extremely light weight workers is a basic need of the industry.  Easy to handle and safe to use The skill of Artisans continues to be old and  Powerful and provide good torque technology traditional. Their educational level is low and their linkages with Institutions are either  Available in wide variety and different styles non-existent or weak. Artisans do not have access/  Available at affordable prices linkages to:-  Compact in size and easy to store  Technology & Skill  Extremely durable and have a long life  Marketing & Infrastructure Process flow chart – forged Hand Tools:  Information  Finance Central institute of hand tools (CIHT) Jalandhar caters various technology needs of the micro, small and medium enterprises situated in this region of Punjab in terms of Providing :-  Skilled manpower in the field of CNC, CAD/ CAM, Forging, Heat Treatment who can operate latest machinery, forge hand tools and do the heat treatment of tools.  Design and development of Tooling required for hand tools.  Heat Treatment of hand tools. Fig 2: Process flow chart  Testing Quality Assurance of hand tools.  Ideal for fixing up many appliances  Testing of Raw material All this has resulted in high popularity for To sustain and compete in the cut throat hand tools. market, an artisan needs training about the latest technology, infrastructure, available resources, Good quality hand tools manufacturers are now entering Indian market because of growing raw material etc. CIHT provides these artisans the demand for brands, better quality, zero error, training they need to be skillful, resourceful and global reputation and recommendations from other precise and efficient in their jobs. n industrial sectors from different countries. – Writer is Principal Director in CIHT, Jalandhar. August, 2016 41
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