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Feature will be 90%. “Granary of India”. Industrial growth in recent (v) Infrastructure Development: GoI grant upto years has been a major contributor to the state’s 60% of the cost of project of Rs 10.00 crore, economy. The excellent infrastructural framework excluding cost of land. GoI grant will be 80% namely connectivity by road, rail and air has paved for projects in NE & Hill States, industrial way for industrial prosperity. Food Processing, areas/ estates with more than 50% (a) micro Beverages, Sports Goods, Engineering Goods, (b) women owned (c) SC/ST units. Chemicals, Handicrafts, Textile, Tourism and IT And Electronics are the prime industries in the State Physical performance of the scheme of Punjab. Punjab also has the largest number of (up to 31.08. 2016) steel rolling mill plants in India. Intervention completed Ongoing Status of Interventions Under MSE-cDP In Diagnostic Study 436 113 The State Soft Interventions 300 12 Intervention completed Ongoing common Facility centers 35 68 Infrastructure Projects 136 43 Diagnostic Study 16 9 Soft Interventions 16 0 The scenario for the cluster Development Intervention in the State of Punjab is given as common Facility 0 1 under :- centers Punjab is widely acknowledged as the Infrastructure Projects 2 0 completed Infrastructure Projects S.N. Name of the Project Total Project cost GoI contribution Amount Released 1. Dhanchala of Jhans, Distt. 305.00 lakhs 122.00 lakhs 83.00 lakhs Hoshirpur 2. Malout, Distt. Muktsar 890.08 lakhs 200.00 lakhs 150.00 lakhs Hand tools and its role in making jobs for Artisans – Ashok Bathla reat monuments like Taj Mahal, Red Fort centric lives through their building, repairs and were built in an era prior to industrial maintenance services. The skill of rural artisans Grevolution. It does make one wonder how continues to be old and the technology is traditional. did the “artisans” accomplish such feats. They were not workers, they were artists who were creating A hand tools is a device that provides pieces of work which have withstood the test of mechanical advantage in accomplishing a physical time and a lot more. task. Hand tools includes anything from hammers to wrenches, to axes, pliers, screw drivers, punches, Artisans comprise of hand toolmakers, shears, chisels, toolboxes etc. They are widely used blacksmiths, farm equipment makers, carpenters, in all types of industries including manufacturing, weavers, handicraft makers, etc. These artisans agriculture, construction, automotives, plumbing play an important role in the rural and also urban etc. August, 2016 39
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