Page 39 - MSME August 2016
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Feature Micro and Small Enterprises cluster Development Programme Scenario of the Cluster Development Intervention in the State of Punjab inistry of Micro, Small & Medium development, technology up-gradation, setting Enterprises instigated “Micro & Small up of common processing centers, testing, MEnterprises- Cluster Development quality control, etc. The erstwhile ‘Integrated Programme (MSE-CDP)” as a key strategy for Infrastructural Development (IID)’ Scheme enhancing the productivity and competitiveness was also subsumed in MSE-CDP for providing as well as capacity building of Micro and Small developed sites for new enterprises and Enterprises in the clusters. A comprehensive upgradation of existing industrial infrastructure. MSE-CDP is being administered by the Office of Development Commissioner (MSME) The focus lies on interventions that encourage adopting holistic approach of development of enterprises in the clusters to undertake joint actions clusters comprising of marketing, export, skill that could ultimately yield benefits to the cluster as August, 2016 37
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