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Article 1 Heat 1. Hardening, tempering, treatment case hardening services 2. Material chemical composition testing NABL lab 3. Hardness and micro hardness testing 4. Plasma ion nitriding 2 Rapid 1. Selective laser sintering Prototyping 2. Stereo lithography apparatus 3. Vacuum casting The provision of machines and required Tools with the assistance of Tool Room is accomplishment of half work. This needs to be supplemented by the operating skill and its continuous up gradation. Tool Rooms with their expertise in the technology are able to train the personnel in the operation and maintenance of the plant and machinery. Tool Rooms help train unskilled, skilled and highly skilled persons in the field of tool design, manufacturing and allied fields. Since, MSMEs cannot afford graduates from top rung technical and managerial institutions, the trainees from the Tool Rooms meet up the requirements, being Skill development training to wide spectrum of professionally competent for the task involved. society is provided for skill enhancement depending August, 2016 35
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