Page 35 - MSME August 2016
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Article Table : 1 Tools developed by Central Tool Room, Ludhiana Sr. Industrial Tools developed Products/Tools Products/Tools No. segment 1. Electronics & Injection moulds for electrical electrical switches, MCBs 2. Bicycle Press Tools for bicycle and sewing and sewing machine machines components i.e. thread take up lever, sewing machine bobbin case spring, free wheel for bicycle 3. Automobile Press Tools / injection sector moulds for car seat component, suspension parts of car, components of motor bikes, Receiving gauges for the inspection of the auto parts, Inspection gauges, drilling jig 4. Stationary and Press Tools / injection office equipment moulds for staplers, punching machines, paper cutter 5. Agriculture Press Tools / injection moulds for spray pump components -barrel, jaali, pump cup, cover. August, 2016 33
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