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Article Press Tools - progressive, blanking, piercing, production and better quality of the product  forming, bending tools  Drilling Jigs  Machining fixtures, assembly fixtures  Inspection gauges, Receiving gauges  Pressure die casting dies These services enabled MSMEs to use the quality tool and trained human resources to operate the same. Expansion in the capacity of bicycle manufacturing to the order of 10 crores in the country is attributed to the use of modern tools, fixtures, gauges for production, assembly and testing. case study 2: The emergence of the Tool Room in the Indian Progressive Tool for thread take up lever: market has helped MSMEs in development of the quality and productive Tools. As an example Component of the sewing machine i.e. Thread Centre Tool Room Ludhiana has helped the Bicycle take up lever was made through 03 numbers of and sewing machine industry by upgrading the stage Tools, initially blanking, piercing followed traditional tools with engineering Tools. In the late by bending. Through engineering design and seventies, in Ludhiana industry, the Tools were development, MSME Tool Room at Ludhiana made manually (especially dies and punches) with developed one progressive Tool for the component the use of files. Introduction of wire cut in the Tool resulting in increase in production by 3 times , Room helped MSMEs in development of precise lesser man power and quality product. and productive dies which in turn increased the Industrial growth manifold. The following two case studies highlight the role played by Tool Room. case study 1: compound Tool for chain wheel of cycle: The component was being produced by the cycle industry through milling of the teeth which was time consuming and labor intensive process. Central Tool Room Ludhiana since its establishment MSME Tool Room, Ludhiana helped the industry in 1980 has provided the industry the tools, which with the design and development of the compound helped MSMEs to grow in their industrial sector of Tool for the same which resulted in the high interest. 32 Laghu Udyog Samachar
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