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Article Role of Tool Rooms in Modernizing MSMEs – A. P. Sharma 1.0 Introduction 2.0 Objective he Tool Rooms play a vital role in the industrial The main objectives of the MSME Tool Rooms dispersion and development of the industries are as under:- Tof the region. The production of high quality good depend upon the improved infrastructure 1. To Increase efficiency of MSMEs in light such as proper Tooling , technicians and upgraded engineering and allied fields by providing technology supported by competent engineering support in design and production of Tools , background. The provisions of all the facilities in jigs and fixtures , advisory/ consultancy. the industries call for heavy investment, which are usually beyond the reach of the MSME sector. Tool 2. To manufacture small and medium size Tools Room acts as mother Industry, it not only provide such as press Tools, injection moulds , jig , the quality education in the field of the Tool and fixtures and dies and special purpose Tools. die making, technically trained manpower and allied field,but also helps in up gradation of the 3. To provide common service facility center skills of the employees of the industry. for MSMEs to provide various heat treatment 30 Laghu Udyog Samachar
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