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Special Article Tellmate Helper Private Limited Brief: Tellmate place, more and more latent talents among swirling is a wearable computer vision device in the masses are coming forward. form of glasses which will process in-front images of Visually Impaired Person, convert it A 19 year old Swapnil Talukdar from Assam to sound and whisper in the ear using hearing had caught attention when he designed a page aids. Tellmate can process any printed paper turning device, envisioning it a great asset for in English, convert it to give digital text and differently abled persons. The machine was initially speak it using text to speech synthesis. electrically operated but now , he has developed its manual version . 28. Oxygen enrichment unit for medical application basedon hollow fiber membrane There are so many success stories for technology Innovator: Dr. Ulhas Kharul, emulation for innovation. A 20 year old boy Genrich Membrane Private Limited Brief: Amrut lal Agrawati from Pikhor village in Junagarh HITOS uses fast GPU based algorithms to ,Gujarat had developed farm equipments and now provide results in a short time frame. This his three wheeled tiller has been adopted in Kenya’s allows the strategist using the software to hilly terrains. Till now, he has fifteen equipments come up with a trajectory in less time, giving to his credit and was invited in Paris and African the flexibility to plan approach in time critical countries to air and share his experiences. scenarios. Prasahant Goyal,an electronic product 29. Smart sensor based E-weed control Innovator: enginner with his wife a speech therapist ,Sopniya Dr. Nitin Saluja, Chitkara University Research Gupta has developed speechifi for speech therapy. and Innovation Network Brief: In India, among Likewise, Rahul Nair and his team came up various factors responsible for low crop yield with Bempu, a hypothera alert device for the new in agriculture, weed infestation is the major born children to ensure Kangaroo mothercare one. Their invention is based on the capability when the temperatue of mother falls and they of high frequency waves to selectively treat the need to be held closae to mother’s skin.and their weeds by cell death (necrosis). The invention innovation was supported by the Bill and Melinda can result in crop yield enhancement up to Gates foundation. 37%, without any hazardous side effects. Several organisations like Sustainable 30. High fidelity CFD simulation software Technologiwsa and Insitutions (SRISTI) and NIF Innovator: Nikhil Vijay Shende and S have come up to provide fillip to innovation ideas & I Engineering Solutions Pvt Ltd. Brief: .At many places, cross breed plants with superior Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) deals traits with an improved gentic pool – a germplasm with prediction of air flow past configurations in aerospace and automotive arena which having preferred traits, are being developed. The targets future design and analysis requirements exhibition at the President’s house had show cased by capturing greater flow physics both in terms a few but streak of innovations is getting more of spatial and time resolution . A foot operated prominent and young and old alike in the game. page turning machine,walnut cracker, shock “One of the greatest discoveries a man absorbers fitted crutches, rowing apples on makes, one of his great surprises, is plains with 45 degree temperature and many to find he can do what he was afraid such freak and aburd sounding innovations he couldn't do”. Henry Ford, Eminent are order of the day in the emerging scenario. American Industrialist". n As the architecture for such initiatives is in – Writer is a Senior Journalist based in New Delhi. 12 Laghu Udyog Samachar
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