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Special Article products (insulin pumps) are available. The Wi-Fi router that combines upto 8 different device is ten times smaller in size than the cellular networks (2G, 3G, 4G) from any insulin pump and integrates a patch of painless vendor and provides the sum of all the microneedles. bandwidth capacities as one super-fast Internet connection. SpeedLink technology can bond 19. Mobile brick making machine (BMM) GPRS network and provide 8x faster internet Innovator: Mr. Vilas Chhikara, Jugparvesh to customers. Imported products are built for Chhikara, SnPC Machine Pvt Ltd. Brief: 3G and LTE with poor performance on GPRS. This innovation relates to the brick making technology this machine moves in the forward 23. Cervical spacer for reducing radiation dosage direction and continuously lay brick 2 in one on critical organs during brachytherapy time on the surface of the land. This machine treatment Innovator: Dr Abi Santhosh Aprem, can do a person’s whole day work within 4-5 HLL Lifecare Ltd Brief: The device innovation minutes without any hassle with the finest is an independently inflatable biocompatible quality of brick. device. This device decreases radiation exposure to critical organs and improved the 20. Microbial colorants: The future of natural patient comfort. colorants Innovator: Ms. Vaishali M. Kulkarni & Mr. Arjun Singh Bajwa, Institute of Chemical 24. Transforming personal health through data Technology, Mumbai Brief: Microbes which analytics with a mission to eradicate chronic are present in many different colors can be diseases Innovator: Dr. Subhasish Sircar, exploited to extract colors. These natural Health Vectors Brief: This is a revolutionary colors can find applications in food, feed, personal health management system, by pharmaceuticals, textiles and cosmetics. collecting clinical & personal health data and Microbes provide inexhaustible feedstock then providing individuals actionable insights which can be used for extracting different using predictive analytics & machine learning. natural colors, thereby giving an opportunity 25. Automated portable microscope for malaria to color the whole world in a completely new detection Innovator: Dr. Satya Tapas, Centre different way. for Cellular and Molecular Platforms, Bangalore Brief: CNC microscope is a portable 21. Simple low cost processing of titanium foam for skeletal tissue reunion Innovator: Mr. automated device that scans the blood smear with its autofocus feature and captures images Kausik Kapat, Indian Institute of Technology in series for further analysis. Kharagpur Brief: The innovation deals with a novel processing of metallic foam, 26. N+2level noise suppressor/ thrust augmenter which competes with the conventional for turbojet engines Innovator: Mr. Lahari techniques. Using this technology, innovator Sumanth Varma Indukuri, AST Industries Brief: has developed a highly open porous, light- The innovator has developed a New Noise weight titanium foam for healing critical bone Suppressor/Thrust Augmenter Technology fracture and causes rapid healing (2-3 months) forJet Engine, with 18% peak noise suppression of critical bone fracture. for state of the art jet engines. When connected to engine/ airframe, it performs as 22. SpeedLink - High speed internet by merging a noise suppressor while takeoff, and a thrust multiple heterogeneous mobile networks augmenter at a higher altitude. Innovator: Mr. Sriramkumar VH, Watchy Technology Brief: SpeedLink is a portable 27. Tellmate Innovator: Mr. Gunjan Gupta, August, 2016 11
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