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Special Article Chhatrala, JC OrthoHeal Private Limited Brief: multisensory technology allows quick detection FlexiOH is a washable cast which allows skin of internal thread damages. to breathe and is very light weight. FlexiOH is easy to apply and remove through its specially 15. Renewable bio-fuel production from chicken designed zip without any mechanical slaughter waste Innovator: Dr. John Abraham, instruments. Kerala Veterinary and Animal Sciences University Brief: The USP of this technology 11. Monitoring transmission lines using UAV, is creating “wealth from waste”. Chicken imagery sensors and data analytics Innovator: slaughter waste, which has become a major Ms. Swati Tiwari, Arcturus Business Solutions source of pollution and threatening human LLP Brief: The organization has developed health in the wake of emerging diseases, a service innovation in Automatic defect is processed here after planned collection identification on Live Power transmission in a rendering plant and biodiesel plant to Lines using small Unmanned Aerial Vehicle produce. (UAV), imagery sensors and its data analytics. 16. Prophylactic cold chain free vaccination by 12. MAPD - Wearable alternate kidney, a safe silk nanoparticle reinforced selfmicroneedle affordable anytime/anywhere CAPD dialysis patches Innovator: Mr. Bhushan Namdeorao device Innovator: Mr. W. Gowrishankar, Kharbikar, Indian Institute of Technology Padmaseetha Technologies Private Limited Bombay Brief: The technology is for Brief: The company has devised mCAPD, delivering vaccine by self-administration a wearable device offering a simple, safe, and for eliminating the requirement of cold affordable, anytime/anywhere CAPD dialysis, chain.The innovator has developed vaccine empowering patients with a near normal patches based on microneedle reinforced lifestyle, without the need for break from their with vaccine loaded silk nanoparticles. This work/routine to carry out dialysis. innovation will heavily reduce cost, ease the logistics, prevents wastage of vaccine due to 13. BioAVert I:Building disease resistance & thermal damage due to failure in maintenance health-care system for crops Innovator: Dr of cold chain. Abhay Shendye, Swasti Agro and Bioproducts Pvt Ltd Brief: -Swasti Agro has developed 17. Pupil expansion device- Bhattacharjee preventive “vaccines” and “healthcare pupil expansion ring Innovator: Dr. Suven system” which ensures proper penetration of Bhattacharjee, Med Invent Devices Pvt. Ltd. technology up to last mile. They plan to reach Brief: This device has made Pupil Expansion 500,000 farmers within 3 years with their easier for the Surgeon, Safer for the Patient & technology. Possible in situations where Competition fails. Entire device is in a thin single plane allowing 14. 5 axis precision CNC co-ordinate measuring smooth passage through very small incisions. machine XT 400 Innovator: Vikram Salunke, Accurate Gauging & Instruments Pvt. Ltd Brief: 18. Design of microfluidic system for controlled XT400 is a shop floor CMM with application of drug delivery Innovator: Ms. Richa Mishra, precision LM guides on high accuracy granite Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur Brief: guides. The machine is fully CNC with 5 axis Diabetes is becoming a health hazard on the measuring capability and advanced CAD based global level. The innovation aims to address evaluation software. CAD based measurement the market gap of insulin delivery devices software enable a very quick evaluation and where only low end (syringes) and high end 10 Laghu Udyog Samachar
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